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Wille And The Bandits – ‘Grow’ Album Review

A mesmerising, often beautiful album, ‘grow’ is an essential record for anyone who relishes the power of music to sweep you up and take you away from the world and it stands as a testament to what can be achieved by musicians with the skill, invention and desire to make something truly original.

Coen Wolters Band – ‘Illumination’ Album Review

Most importantly, ‘illumination’ is just a joy to listen to, a hard-rocking, dangerously addictive record that blazes away in what feels like an instant and which begs to be replayed. ‘Illumination’ is an easy early highlight of 2014 and will undoubtedly provide the perfect soundtrack to the summer.

The Gathering – ‘Always…’ Album Review irresistible opportunity to explore the past of one of metal’s most enigmatic bands. The well-written liner notes help to place the record in its historical context and the music itself, whilst raw and far doomier than later efforts, offers plenty of hints that show that even in those early days The Gathering knew where they were headed.