Anteres Predator – ‘Twilight Of The Apocalypse’ CD review

This is the best Battlegod label cd I have heard so far. Downfall starts as the cd means to go on. Good heavy riff, fast but accurate drumming, the unfortunate growly singing, decent bass lines.BBQ Epilogue has a few nice pinched harmonics, good tempo changes and catchy too. Wasteland has a good chunky riff and a good mayhemic ending which runs straight into As Dragons Roam The Sky which has some decent orchestral keyboards, good pacey drumming and nice riffs and is quite melodic in places. Tracks 5 and 6 have good mid tempo, chunky riffs. Orion has a dramatic start but quickly gets back to the catchy riffingas does Through the Deep. Except for the annoying ending track 10 Death is the best track for me. A good bass line leads to some good riffs with nice tempo changes.

 A good cd of it’s style, well worth a listen.


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