ASYMMETRY FESTIVAL 2010 (2nd edition)


stoner | doom | sludge | avant| post-rock | experimental | drone | jazzcore | ambient | breakcore| etc


[09.04, 29.04, 30.04 – 02.05 @ Firlej, Wroclaw, Poland]

Ośrodek Działań Artystycznych [Centre for Cultural Acticities] Firlej, invites the audience to witness the second edition of Asymmetry Festival, which will present and promote formal seekings in rock, electronic and experimental music. 27 music projects, from all around the world, will perform on Firlej’s stage. This year’s confirmed bands are: Jesu, Mouth of the Architect, Esoteric, Year of No Light, Kylsea, Tesseract, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Bong-Ra, Zu, Kasan, Altar of Plagues, Dark Castle, Time to Burn, Black Shape of Nexus, Khuda, Drumcorps and Shrinebuilder. This is a genuine, one of a kind event in Poland.

Since its origination, the festival was focused on mixing different music genres on one stage. This year’s edition will feature an even greater music scope, than the first edition; it will feature projects ranging from, among others, electronics, ambient, free-jazz, breakcore and, generally, avantgarde. Another major change is the festival’s timespan – this time it will take place during the three days of the long May weekend.

The festival will be accompanied by some additional events. The international “Neuro Music” contest is one of them; and a vital element of the Asymmetry Festival. The participants of this contest will have the chance to win a fully financed, professional recording session, and to share the stage with the other bands performing at the festival. Another accompanying event will be the festival’s Before Party, which will take place a week before the main part of Asymmetry 2010.

The organizers did not forget about the guests from outside of Wrocław – they will receive discounts in selected accommodations in Wrocław (hostels, hotels, apartments). The Asymmetry Festival carnets will entitle their holders to a free of charge entry to numerous cultural and recreational locations, throughout the city.

Majority of the concerts of Asymmetry Festival 2010 will take place on the stage of the organizer club – Firlej; a place which, since a few years ago, became a kind of “mekka” for fans of avantgarde music, especially for post-rock, post-metal and free-jazz related genres enthusiasts. However, there are plans to hold a part of the concerts in other amicable clubs and cultural institutions.


09.04.2010 – Jarboe, Nachtmystium @ Firlej

29.04.2010 – The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Zu, Bong-Ra, Drumcorps @ Firlej


30.04.2010 – Shrinebuilder, Kylesa, Year of No Light, Altar of Plague, Dark Castle, Khuda @ Firlej
01.05.2010 – Jesu, Black Shape of Nexus, Time to Burn , TesseracT, Kasan @ Firlej
02.05.2010 – Esoteric, Mouth of the Architect @ Firlej

03.04.2010 – EZ3kiel @ Fountain

Ticket prices for specific days are all the same – 90 PLN – equivalent of 20 EURO, and will be available from 15.02.2010. The admission price for the 29.04.2010 is 60 PLN – equivalent of 13,5 EURO. The admission price for the 09.04.2010 is 25 PLN – equivalent of 5,5 EURO. To purchase the carnets/tickets, go to the following ticket sellers: | | . If you live outside of Poland and need hints on the ticket distribution in your region:


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