Black Reign – ‘Sovereign’ Album Review

This is an attempt at an epic old school thrash / heavy metal cd although it’s hampered by rather poor quality production and the band overstretching their abilities.

It’s enthusiastic and there are certainly some good moments on the album. There’s definately some Slayer influences especially on The King Of Demons and Sacrifice of Gods. There are some good riffs, decent solos and nice tempo changes from the guitarist.The drumming and bass playing are okay. Some of the singing is alright but is a little tuneless in places especially on Sovereign which is otherwise a good Iron Maiden like slow builder with good heavy riffs. Edge of the Universe is very long but not boring with some nice bass and guitar harmonics, powerful drumming and plenty of tempo changes. Unfortunately the cd is a bit clumsey in places and the sound is very dated.

 A decent cd, perhaps with a bit of polish and much better production Black Reign could improve their next release.


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