Creed Live DVD Review

2009 was a big year for Creed and their fans. The band reformed, releasing a new studio album and this dvd, recorded in Texas.

The disc has a good selection of tracks, 17 in all. The picture quality is very good as is the camera work. The camera man focuses on the right band member for guitar solos rather than the bassist or the back of the drummer’s head! The sound quality is pretty good but I would have liked the guitar riffs higher in the mix. The light show and stage show are quite simple except for the odd blinding light display and some pyrotechnics. The crowd is very appreciative and receptive.

The dvd starts with a rather disappointing version of ‘Bullets’ but gets better for the next tracks. ‘Torn’has a good catchy / bouncey riff with some nice soloing. ‘Say I’ is also performed well with a catchy riff and powerful ending. The rythm section is tight with some lively drumming. Lead singer Scott Stapp is very enthusiastic and certainly sweats for the crowd. However at times, his singing is not at its best. It’s not a bad dvd but I found it hard going towards the end as it got a bit samey. I’m sure Creed fans will enjoy this dvd but I can’t see it winning new fans.

Review by Chris Greenwood

Extra content

No DVD is complete these days without some sort of special feature and here the Creed DVD adds a relatively spartan selection that includes a photo gallery and a making of documentary whcih will be of passing interest to Creed fans but certainly not anything the casual viewer may want to check out. COnsidering the amount of effort put into filming the show, it is disappointing that more work did not go into creating a DVD for fans to drool over, although an expanded version is expected in the new year.

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