Editors – Klub Studio, Krakow, 25/11/2009

Meet Bob Murdoch, the latest addition to the BigDistraction family who is checking in with a report of the Editors live in Poland.

Nestled in the middle of Krakow’s student residences, Klub studio was brimming with anticaption, in what had been described by the fans waiting outside as “the indie event of the year in Krakow” It was clear everyone was up for gig of memorable proportions, and the support of the ‘Maccabees’, appropriately named after the liberating Jewish rebel army from the bible, built the crowd up with a remarkable performance for a support band. 

It was only a matter of ten minutes before the Editors took to the stage, to a deafening roar and within seconds they moved into the opening song from there new album of the same name, “In this light and on this evening” It was clear from the start that the sound had been worked on to perfection and the venue was alive with the opening salvo of guitars and keyboards when they seamlessly moved into the title track from their second album “An end has a start” and onto “Blood”. 

Frontman Tom Smith worked the crowd with his gyrations which would not seem out of place at a hospital ward, he angled his Gibson ES-335 like a rifle picking of targets in a shooting range, much to the joy of the crowd, who by this time were in full swing of apprecation. Smiths energy was tireless through “ Bones, Smokers outside the Hospital, The Boxer and Escape the Nest” moving around the stage possessed by the spirit of Ian Curtis. With “Eat raw meat = Blood Drool” the carfully positioned keyboard at the front of the stage was used like a pulpit which Smith climbed on like a preacher to put over his message “I don’t wanna be left out or get fucked, But there’s a talent in your lies. If you’re chewing with an open mouth, raw meat; your blood drool attracts the flies.” The screen covering the back of the stage would flash images during this song ‘YOU’ ‘HIM’ ‘HER’ in sync with the chorus, the only real use of the screen which was only backing to the stage for the most part, sadly underused. 

“Bullets, Camera, You Are Fading” worked the crowd who were passionate from the front to the back of this intimate venue and when after an hour and half they closed the gig with “Bricks and Mortar” it was clear from the visible exit signs that nobody was leaving yet. The expectant crowd called for the encore and were not to be disappointed as Editors ran back on to deliver arguably there best songs from their catalogue, Firstly with “Munich” and then the current single which has received considerable airplay on Polish radio, “Papillion” The crowd ensured the venue shook to its foundations as Smith, who looked in pain, contorted and screamed “its kicks like a sleep twitch!!” the chorus to Papillion. 

Closing the encore “fingers in the factories” from their first Album “The Back Room” the crowd had witnessed a powerful performance of one of the premier indie bans of the moment. Drummer ‘Edward Lay’ spidermaned over his drum kit to great the fans as if to show how much he enjoyed the gig. Taking their bow ‘Editors’ had not disappointed one person in the crowd and they let them know it. Ensuring that they will at least have to give some serious consideration to adding Krakow as a venue on their next tour.

Review: Bob Murdoch

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