Final Coil Release Free Live EP

Final Coil have made a live recording available from their most recent spate of gigs. Recorded to a 16 track digital recorder and then carefully mixed and mastered by singer/guitarist Phil Stiles, it’s a powerful reminder of how brutal Final Coil can be on stage. Featuring seven tracks including new songs ‘Downer’ and ‘Fuck music V’ alongside old standards such as ‘This love’ (which ends in a massive wall of sound) it’s available now from lastfm as well as The band, currently working on their third demo (and the first to feature new drummer Tom Malin and bassist Jola Dabek) are keen to play more live shows over the sumer and urge you to feel free to share it far and wide!!!


  1. Fuck music V
  2. In flames
  3. Downer
  4. Retrospective/Grunge
  5. Feeble minds
  6. Fallen
  7. This love

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