Final Coil Release Video

Leicester-based grunge band Final Coil have issued a video for the track ‘Fallen’ taken from their forthcoming and as-yet-untitled EP. Entirely self-produced, the band have spent the last month recording their parts at various locations around the Midlands and frontman Phil Stiles is now putting the final touches to the mixing and mastering of the EP. The Ep will contain tracks from throughout Final Coil’s lengthy history as well as two tracks which were previously recorded as solo demos by Phil (Fuck  Music V and Leaving Hell) which have now been rounded out by the band.

When asked for a comment on the video, drummer Tom Malin simply stated “whoever put that together shoul be suspended from the ceiling in a vat of cheese!” while Richard Awdry merely buried his head in his hands and uttered “oh no…” over and over again.

To find out more about Final Coil go to or

Final coil will play the Barley Mow in Leicester on June 25th

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