Sleeping Giant Frontman Unveils New Book

Here’s a first for SonicAbuse – Sleeping Giant frontman Tommy Green has decided to release a book provocatively entitled ‘Religio-cide’, a book for “anyone who wants to learn more about friendship with Jesus.” The book is liable to be somewhat controversial but it will also be an interesting look at religion from the perspective of an active band leader – The book will be available just in time for Christmas.

The book will be available December 6th through Green’s church website as well as and

 “This book is not perfect; it is not all encompassing in its

scope of the “Christian” life. It may not be accepted or

acceptable by all of the people in it’s intended audience.

It is not necessarily spelling out groundbreaking or new

ideas about Jesus, and discipleship, and the author is not

always consistent or disciplined. This short book is also

not meant to criticize without solution or teach without

experience. This is my honest dream of the beginning of

discipleship life. This is my life and friendship with Jesus

Christ, and whether you agree with what I have to say

or not, this is part of what I believe God is doing in my

Generation. He is so capable that he is using my glaring

immaturity and imperfection to display the glory of His

perfection in relationship. Please read with an open

mind and practice what is written. It might not change

your life in relationship with God or your relationship

with yourself and the world around you. But it just


Please understand…. I love my King and I am out to

destroy any and every religious crutch that stands in the

way of true friendship.” 

Tommy Green

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