Darkest Hour: New Album, New Online Track And European Tour

Some metal bands barely last 10 years, much less 15 years. If a band does get to the decade-and-a-half mark, they’re usually sputtering out or are teetering on their last, diseased and ready-to-give out legs. Rare is the case where an aggressive band mutates, growing stronger, more unstoppable and more menacing with every passing riff, scream and album. DARKEST HOUR are such a case.

 “The Human Romance” is the Washington, DC-based band’s seventh album and will be released on March 7th via Century Media Records in Europe. The new album is DARKEST HOUR at their best: fangs bared and ready to pounce through the vehicle that blends thrashy melodic metal with something unworldly.

 From today on you can check out the first fantastic track, “Savor The Kill”, of the new album HERE. Also make sure to follow the bands studio webisodes, the first two parts of ten are already online: CLICK HERE for part 1 and HERE for part 2!

 In their past, DARKEST HOUR have retreated to such far away locales as Sweden and Vancouver to record. For “The Human Romance”, the quintet set off to North Carolina to work with Soilwork’s Peter Wichers recording at the Echo Mountain complex in Asheville and Old Towne Recording Studio’s in Winson-Salem. The result is thrashy, American metal with roots in punk rock and hardcore, which is part and parcel of the DARKEST HOUR sound. Only now, it’s fresher and rejuvenated and the band isn’t tethered to the tyranny of one specific sound or style; DARKEST HOUR make metal, by their own rules and standards.

 The track-list of “The Human Romane” as follows:

1. Terra Noctunus (01:16)

2. The World Engulfed in Flames (03:52)

3. Savor the Kill (03:48)

4. Man & Swine (03:44)

5. Love as a Weapon (04:00)

6. Your Everyday Disaster (02:46)

7. Violent By Nature (02:21)

8. Purgatory (03:46)

9. Severed into Separates (03:27)

10. Wound (03:42)

11. Terra Solaris (08:41)

12. Beyond the Live you know (04:12)

European Ltd. edition Bonus Track:

13. Hierarchry of Heathens (04:52) 

Starting January 26th DARKEST HOUR will unleash some of the new songs on a big European tour run, don’t miss the show near your town! 


26.01.11 Germany Stuttgart @ Röhre 
27.01.11 Holland Nijmegen @ Doornroosje 
28.01.11 UK Manchester @ Club Academy 
29.01.11 UK Nottingham @ Rock City 
30.01.11 UK London @ Garage  
31.01.11 Belgium Antwerpen @ Trix 
01.02.11 Germany Berlin @ Magnet  
02.02.11 Germany Aschaffenburg @ Colos Saal
03.02.11 Germany Hamburg @ Knust  
04.02.11 Germany Leipzig @ Conne Island 
05.02.11 Germany München @ Feierwerk  
06.02.11 Hungary Budapest @ Dürer Kert 
07.02.11 Austria Vienna @ Arena 
08.02.11 Italy Bologna @ Sottotetto Club 
09.02.11 Italy Rome @ Init Club 
10.02.11 Switzerland @ Aarau Kiff 
11.02.11 Germany Trier @ Exhaus 
12.02.11 Germany Köln @ Essigfabrik

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  1. metal808 February 17, 2011 1:13 am  Reply

    Darkest Hour released their latest video for Savor the Kill on the Artist Direct website!
    check it out here

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