Malefice Live At Camden Underworld 14.01.2011 Guest Review And Photo Gallery

Malefice, it is fair to say, are one of Britain’s great metal hopes. Having caught the band on the United Kingdom Of Heavy Metal Tour with heavy-weights Arch Enemy, Cthonic and Grand Magus, the band struck out recently on their own dates and new-to-SonicAbuse photographer/reviewer Dave Hodgkinson was there to capture some great shots of the band at their sweaty best. You can also check out one of the band’s standout tracks below if you’ve not already had the pleasure of seeing Malefice in the flesh.

“This will be entirely biased. I toured as tour manager for Chthonic in November and Malefice were also on the bill with us. When you do this, hump gear together, negotiate merchandise table space, share the dressing room, you get to know whether the chaps you’re working with are nice guys or not. Once we got the first gig wrinkles sorted, it was as smooth as silk. This was why I was keen to see them again when they had a headlining show at the Underworld.

As gigs go, it was a good one. The crowd was up for it, possibly the best pit I’ve seen at the Underworld and the boys threw it out, established material and I think at least three new songs. You’ll notice I was a pussy and shot from the gallery. Kudos to the shooters at the front of the pit! Anyhow, love the guys, the music is brutal, they put on a good show and the audience lapped it up. Check ‘em out if you get the chance.”


All images and gig report courtesy of Dave Hodgkinson and the original words and images can be found at his sweet blog here.

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