Ones To Watch – Solo Shoots First

Here at SonicAbuse we’re always on the look out for new bands and artists (if only so we can be smug and say things like “you saw them here first”) and one band that has appeared on the scene is the mighty Solo Shoots, a UK based metal band featuring Matt Keen who previously worked with Muder One and Barrabus, both projects connected with Jammer Airns who recently garnered a rave review with his Anger Management project on these very pages.

Currently unsigned, Solo shoots first are putting the finishing touches to their debut EP and you can check out a track in the form of ‘this is the famous’ right now on their myspace page ( A genre blending track of searing intensity, ‘this is the famous’ is one of those crushing  tracks that reminds you exactly why the UK has been such a revered foce in the metal scene for so long. Cherry-picking elements of hardcore, groove metal in the vein of Lamb of God and Pantera and the sort of furious rolling drum assault that Mastadon have made their stock in trade, if the track is indicative of the EP as a whole then Solo shoots first are liable to become the must-see metal act of 2011.

If you’re a fan of Anger management, Pantera, Mastadon, Lamb of God and the like then you need to check this crushing track out –  this is UK metal at its finest.

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  1. David January 6, 2011 2:32 am  Reply

    Awesome tune ! cant wait to see these guys live and listen to this EP, as you say should be huge !

  2. Susie January 9, 2011 12:35 am  Reply

    Awesome Tune! Can’t wait for the E.P

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