Ones To Watch*2 – L Sol Tace

It seems that 2011 is going to be the year that metal is reclaimed from that god-awful metal-core nonsense that seems to have permeated the USA of late by full-on metal bands with a sense of purpose and originality. Hot on the heels of the excellent Solo shoots first, we have another band to introduce to you in the form of London-based metallers L Sol Tace who play a particularly brutal strain of metal complete with vocals that give a good indication of what Phil Anselmo might sound like if he was on fire (that’s a recommendation by the way).

With live dates lined up in January, including a show at The Gaff in London on the 11th, the best place to catch L Sol Tace is from the fury of the mosh pit which, if the demo tracks available on Myspace are anythign to go by (, would be best experienced from within a suit of body armour. According to the band’s brief bio, the members have all been involved in projects in the past and that experience shines through on the available tracks as the recording sounds better than some major label releases and it certainly gives a fair amount of depth and clarity to the bands bass-laden sound.

In terms of style, the band play a vicious brand of full on heavy metal that recalls the primal might of Exodus, Lamb of God and Arch Enemy at their furious peak while the vocals are white-hot with rage and aggression. You can check out the band’s awesome demo tracks on their myspace page now and it’s thoroughly recommended that you do so.

You can check out L Sol Tace on the following dates:

Jan 11th @ The Gaff, London

Jan 15th @ Town Mill, Mansfield

Feb 19th Fidler’s Elbow, Camden

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