Virgin Snatch Speak To SonicAbuse (Re-posted From 2010)

Virgin Snatch are a ludicrously heavy thrash band formed in 2001 in Krakow. The band released their first record in 2003 (’S.U.C.K’) which received a little attention but was nothing compared to the storm whipped up by the vicious ‘Art of lying‘ (2005) which managed to sound both hope-crushingly heavy and yet laden with hooks at the same time. Ripping out of the speakers with ‘Deprived of Dignity’ this is technical thrash at its best and gives bands such as Megadeth a damned good run of their money in the speed riff stakes. Given that the band sing in English there really is no excuse for their not having received more attention overseas as they are certainly as fast, talented and brutal as many of the more popular western acts currently treading the boards. Another highlight of ‘Art of lying’ must surely be ‘Stop the madness’, but really on a record as packed with killer riffs as this you’re spoilt for choice.

 If ‘The art of lying’ was good then the next release, ‘In the name of blood’, is even better. Heavy, catchy and rock solid, it is the album I’d recommend the most although any of their work that you can track down is well worth the price. The most current release to date, ‘Act of grace’ arrived in 2008 and it promptly cemented Virgin Snatch’s reputation as one of the major players in Polish heavy music. The album even received a limited release in Europe generally more recently, and with luck it will help the band to gain the attention they most certainly deserve outside of their native country.

Some time ago, SonicAbuse was lucky enough to track down lead singer Zielony for an interview in which he talked about the history of the band, their most recent album and much more. The interview was thought lost following some problems with a faulty server, but we managed to locate a copy and can now present it to you in the hope that it will encourage you to track down some of the music by this awesome band.

Band History:

It took quite a while for Virgin Snatch to have a solid line up, was it difficult to find the right musicians for the project?

Actually… I don’t know coz, We live in Cracow- one of the biggest cities in Poland. You know- a lot of musicians, a lot of bands like Sceptic, Decapitated etc.. Once day we met together and made decision about new band… You know, we spent a lot of time together before VS .

Where did the name Virgin Snatch come from?

Funny story, the meaning of the name we discovered a few months after the first professional record was released. And it was so good that we did not change it even after that. I created the name of the band under the influence of Guy Richie movies. You know, I was fed up of all bloody evil more or less childish names… Do not get me wrong I love metal and this is the part of my life but we did not want to be another “head of” band. There is a lot of great names like Slayer, Morbid Angel or Death that Virgin Snatch looks like different fresh and very thrash as hell!!.. Does it?

Even from the start you were supporting large bands like Helloween and Anthrax, did that help you to reach a wide audience?

Yes for sure Anthrax, Helloween has different audience. It was in the beginning so our band reach itself. (sic)

Which bands influenced you to start playing music?

We listen to almost every kind of music from soundtracks to grind core. VS play modern thrash/death metal so Testament, Slayer were not strange to us…

You’ve played Hunterfest and you did the Mystic festival, have Hunter been helpful to you in your career?

I don’t think so, but guys from Hunter are very cool.

What was it like supporting Slayer?

Fuckin’ great!!!

Have you had any problems in Poland due to the type of music you play?

The same problems like the rest of metal bands in Poland. No media: no presentations in radio, TV… However We had clip in MTV, VIVA, For Fun TV at midnight.. and the press like us (Metal Hammer, Teraz Rock etc…)

You played as part of the tribute to (late-Decapitated drummer)Vitek, did you know him and if so what are your memories of him?

Vitek was one of the best drummer of this kind of music and really nice guy. I knew him through his brother Vogg and my friend Covan… Vitek death its fuckin’ crap!!! RIP

New Album and Polish scene

It’s great to see you touring the smaller cities like Ostrowiec and not just the major towns and venues– is it important to you to reach your fans wherever they are?

Every place is very important to us. We don’t care about the size of the club and how many people come to our gig! I would not mind have more fans of course but you know- Metal is the religion: Fans and musicians are at the same place and time!

I’m sorry to say that it’s very hard to get hold of your records here in the UK, is it likely that ‘Act of Grace’ will be released outside of Poland? [Happily ‘Act of grace’ is now available overseas, but at the time of writing this was not the case – Ed.]

I know, till today Virgin Snatch’s albums are hard to find outside Poland but this will be change soon. I know that! Some label are interested our music and if it turn out the fiasco, Mystic Production (our label in Poland) will start distro on rest of the world territory. You can buy all Virgin Snatch CD by the My Space:, sending e-mail or Mystic website:

Why have you chosen to sing in English rather than Polish?

English is the best way to make metal lyrics, one and only way to be understood for you.

What other bands on the Polish music scene would you recommend people check out?

Tides Of Nebula and freaky project with my and Sauron (ex Decapiteted) voice, called Anal Stanch and second album “Red Revolution” Check it out!

Virgin Snatch records always have very powerful art for their CD covers, do you feel this is an important part of the record you are presenting?

Thanx. Layout of our Cd is very important to us. All graphic, start from Art Of Lying (SUCK is rehearsal ok?:)) were created with my participation. You know- It’s natural coz I’m the author of lyrics….

Obviously you will be on tour for some time, are there any plans to record new material yet?

Sure!! We’ve just started work with new stuff. This will be most important CD of Virgin Snatch I think… You will see!

What’s the high point of your career with VS so far?

…that Virgin Snatch exists and still grow up!!!

Anything else you’d like to say to your UK fans?

One day VS gonna come to your country. One day we will destroy your clubs. THROUGH FIGHT WE GROW !!!!

SonicAbuse would like to thank Zieolny for taking the time to talk to us, and we hope that Virgin Snatch continue to grow.

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