Alunah Sign Two Record Deals In A Week!

SonicAbuse favourites Alunah recently signed not one, but two record deals and we couldn’t be happier for them. Check out the following press release and then go check them out if you haven’t already.

It has been announced that Birmingham based Alunah have signed a  deal with Psychedoomelic Records; an Austrian label dedicated to  doom metal who have worked with such notable bands as Ramesses, Pale  Divine, Penance, Orodruin, Voodoo Shock and Wall of Sleep etc. In  the same week the band also signed a re-release deal with Seattle  based Doom Metal Alliance Records.

Alunah, who formed in 2006 have become known for their relentless  gig and touring activity off the back of their “Fall to Earth” EP  (Nasoni Records, Germany) and debut album “Call of Avernus”  (Catacomb Records, UK). The band will release their second album in  2012 through their new deal with Psychedoomelic Records, and will  re-release “Call of Avernus” on vinyl later in 2011 with Doom Metal  Alliance Records. Alunah will be touring in August 2011 with sludge  legends Sally (ex- Rise Above Records / Mistress / Penance) and doom  metallers Lifer (ex-Acrimony / Black Eyed

Sophie Willett (vocals and guitar) commented, “We are extremely  happy to be working with both Psychedoomelic and Doom Metal  Alliance, we’ve known the former for a while as trading partners and  their reputation for putting out great music precedes them. The guys  behind DMA have been avid supporters of Alunah since we started.  We’ve worked super hard in the past few years and it’s great that  labels as awesome as these have recognised that.”

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