Explosions In The Sky Confirm London Show

ATP Concerts are very proud to present a new live headline show from Explosions In The Sky – their largest to date following this month’s long sold out Roundhouse show. Over the last ten years the instrumental indie rock group
have amassed a huge cult following thanks to their stunning live shows and acclaimed albums including “Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever” and “The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place”
as well as their contributions to the soundtrack of Friday Night Lights.

This year sees the release of a stunning new album (see below for details) – which will no doubt continue the band’s rise from cult sensations to one of the most defining acts of the decade.

Tickets for the show on Friday 27th January 2012 go on sale this Thursday 19th May from www.seetickets.com and www.atpfestival.com priced at £19.50 subject to booking fee.

Pre-sale tickets are available now to O2 customers – ATP Members and Explosions Fan Club Members will receive a link soon via email for a separate pre-sale.


What took Explosions In The Sky so long between albums? It’s a fair question.

One of them got married. One of them has had two kids since the last album. One of them has had panic attacks.

They made at least 50 demos, and that’s probably a conservative estimate. And ended up with six songs.

All of the songs came from the demos that they had worked on in the previous three years, demos that they had gone away from, and then come back to, and then expanded.

In September of 2010, they drove out to a studio called sonic ranch, 20 miles east of el paso. They spent almost two weeks out there with their friend John Congleton, who recorded the album; ‘It is a pretty great place, with five studios and a pet raccoon on a huge pecan ranch.’ When that was finished, they went back home to Austin and mixed the album at a studio called public hi-fi. And finally they mastered the album in New York City with Greg Calbi. They are pretty ecstatic with how it turned out.

The album is called “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care.” Available now here.

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