Peaceville Unveil New Site And Free Sampler

The all-new Peaceville website is now live with a vastly expanded abyss of info, video clips, music tracks, limited releases & more on all of the top Peaceville acts.

The Peaceville Xmas sale has also just started, with a whole load of titles on CD & vinyl from just £2.99.  To check out the lovely goodies on offer follow this link.

Plus, to celebrate this website launch, head over to, to sign up & get a free 17-track download featuring the best of Peaceville past & present which, when one considers the remarkable bands that have contributed to the label’s enviable history, proves to be quite a list: check out the tracklist below and follow the link here to grab your copy.
Sampler tracklist:
Darkthrone – Lifeless
Autopsy – Horrific Obsession
My Dying Bride – The Thrash of Naked Limbs
Cradle of Filth – Lilith Immaculate (extended edition)
Barren Earth – Our Twilight (single version)
Aura Noir – Conqueror
Katatonia – The Longest Year
Opeth – Face of Melinda (Live)
Thorns – Existence
Behemoth – As Above so Below
Gallhammer – Rubbish CG202
Gehenna – Werewolf
Dodheimsgard – Ion Storm
Unholy – Lady Babylon
Paradise Lost – Eternal
Pentagram – Sign of the Wolf
At the Gates – The Swarm

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