Brutal Truth – ‘Walking Corpse 2112’ Digital Ep Review

With ‘Walking Corpse 2112’, Brutal Truth wasted no time in throwing up a putrid stinking follow-up to ‘End Time’ in the form of two tracks which originally appeared in the first instalment of Decibel magazine’s Flexi-disc series back in 2010. Fans of the band will get another shot at hearing these two searing shots of grind-adrenalin courtesy of Relapse Records and it is available for download only.

Of the two tracks you get the vicious onslaught of the title track which barely pauses following its initial screaming dive into the song, which is hardly surprising given that it’s only one minute fifteen seconds in length. That said, such is the furious determination of the band to cram as much as possible into those 75 blistering seconds that you’re left feeling quite breathless at its close and struggling in the face of the even more brutal ‘you should know better’ – a relentless, bone-snapping track of unhinged depravity that takes the stomach-churning chord progressions of Dillinger Escape Plan and puts them through a blender for your aural amusement.

For a short EP you get a short summation – if you love vicious, dirty grind, then you’ll love this. Simple really!

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