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It’s been a long time since we’ve had the pleasure of introducing a new band to our readers but following a missive from the South African hard rock band Stonecollar, we were so impressed with both their material and their nous in using an online platform for their music, that we felt it was worth sharing along with our thoughts on their latest release – a song entitled ‘swallowed by the sun’. First off, however, let’s see what the band themselves have to say about their release:

“The song is a large scale rock ballad telling the epic tale of a loved one’s self demise. Fans of Alter Bridge, Shinedown and fellow countrymen, Seether (and a host of similar hard rock bands) will be sure to love this song. To assist the release, we launched our official fan club, Airheads (hosted on the platform) and it basically works that a fan pays $1 a month to us and they get any content that we release for free. And we intend to release stuff on a weekly basis so that there is a real value to being part of the club. After having released a physical debut album, we are now embracing the digital era and believe that we need to adapt to survive, and to gain exposure, as a band.”

We headed over to the site and discovered the track to be a well recorded and produced work that will indeed appeal to fans of the aforementioned bands. The guitars have a shimmering, phased feel that will be instantly familiar to those who know the first Stone Temple Pilots album while Leshem Petersen (bass/vocals) has a pleasingly melodic voice tempered with just the right amount of grit to bring out the harder edge the song demands while the band step things up to the next level with Sean Tait’s awesome solo that soars over the final minute or so of the track – in short it’s well worth checking out and I look forward to hearing more by the band as and when it becomes available.

As for the site itself, you can find out plenty of information about what you are signing up to and if you dig the band’s music, $12 a year will get you far more than you would be able to access via a traditional CD. Stonecollar seem to have found a new way to develop and grow and on the strength of this song I would like to wish them every success. You can find out more about the band by following the links below:

Artist page is here –
Sign up here –

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