Coilguns Announce UK Tour

When we reviewed the Coilguns / Kunz split EP toward the end of last year we concluded that it was “…a short, thrilling and devastatingly heavy collection of songs – this is a raw, untamed journey into dark, creative pastures and is not to be missed…” (you can read the rest of the review here). Such intensity always translates well to the stage and so we are more than a little bit excited to announce that Coilguns will be appearing here in the UK (for the first time) for a brief tour beginning on April 4th. Touring in support of their newly released EP ‘Stadia Rods’ this promises to be a special event indeed.

Comprising members of renowned art-metallers The Ocean, Coilguns is the sound of pure unfiltered rage bubbling over and spilling out into the sphere of everyday life. Their DIY ethic (so wonderfully emphasised by their stunning hand –made album packaging) and passionate love of music means that fans will be in for a rare treat if they can make one of the tour dates, especially as the band will be supported by fellow German act Earthship.

The Gunship tour, as it has been dubbed, begins on April 4th 2012 and takes in the following dates:

April 4th: London @ Star of Kings

April 5th: Edinburgh @ The Banshee Labyrinth

April 6th: Newcastle @ The Head of Steam

April 7th: Manchester @ Satan’s Hollow

April 8th: Leeds @ Royal Park Cellar

You can find out more about the mighty Coilguns here:  and check out videos here 

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