Marja Panic (The Way Of Purity) Speaks To SonicAbuse

It came as somethign of a shock to read that Tiril, long the face of acclaimed animal and earth liberation activists The Way Of Purity, had left the band. However, Tiril’s departure, sad though it was, was an amicable and mature decision taken by a musician all too aware of the commitment TWOP require and her own inability to reconcile said commitment with her not inconsiderable workload elsewhere, and it is with some excitement that we are able to greet Tiril’s replacement, Marja Panic who, according to the press release issued by the band, has already begun the process of making her mark on the band by working on new material, despite the current promotional activity for the quite brilliant ‘equate’ album.

We were offered the chance to pass some questions to Marja, and we would now like to introduce you to the newest member of TWOP whose passion, commitment and ideology couldn’t fit more perfectly with that of her newfound colleagues. It is, of course, early days but it seems exciting times lie ahead for The Way Of Purity, we hope you’ll join us in wishing the band an even stronger future and ever greater opportunities to spread their important message:

TWOP are something of a unique band with a unique ideology – how did you first get involved with the band; given the speed of your recruitment, were you already in contact with the band before Tiril left?

I think when you deeply desire something the universe moves with elements to give you chances, you should be able to understand this and catch all the signs around you. This happened with TWOP; we met after Tiril departure through a series of combinations due to our common beliefs. So, at one point our ways became one.

Was it a daunting decision to join TWOP and what factors did you consider before getting involved?

 I immediately understood this was the band I wanted to be part of without any doubt.

One area that appears to add considerable pressure, at least from the outside is that, unlike the rest of the band who remain unknown, both Tiril and yourself are very visible figureheads with much more pressure, even, than for your typical front-person – is that a concern for you or do you thrive under the pressure of the spotlight?

It’s a chance for sharing and transmitting, I can show to others who I really am and I can express myself in different ways in order to spread our truth in the most effective way.

How much of a challenge is it for you to take somebody else’s lyrics and make them your own -particularly when the band’s lyrics are so important to the message of the music?

It’s not a challenge, it’s such an honour for me, i completely embraced TWOP concept because it was part of me already before. I will scream those lyrics with all my strength and conviction because they belong to me as well as to everyone else who believes in them.

 Having looked at your facebook page it is very clear that the ideology is very important to you – to what extent do you feel the extremity of TWOP’s music limits the universality of the message you’re trying to expound?

I don’t think the extremity of TWOP’s music could limit the message, this is our attitude and TWOP is not only an extreme metal band but a mix of emotions interwoven with different kind of genres and sounds.

What, for you personally, is the most important of joining TWOP?

For me joining TWOP is the complete realization of what i wanted, to express  myself screaming to  the world that we are all part of the same organism and we should think about it in every  moment, that every action of our life has importance and we are “here” to share life not to destroy or to kill.

According to the press release you’re already working on new songs with the band – in what ways do you believe the music will evolve with you as part of the band?

Yes, we are working on new songs and I’m putting all my efforts into vocals parts and lyrics, the only thing I know is that I have a different mark but I think the others should say it when our work will be done.

TWOP are a band that inspire deep passions in their followers – what has been the reaction to your joining the band so far?

In my opinion it’s a good reaction and I didn’t expect it because I still have to demonstrate what I am able to do.

What are your ambitions for both TWOP and yourself as an artist?

My ambitions for TWOP are playing live shows, and this is going to happen soon because of our promotional tour for Equate and to keep always our Message at first place.

Any final words for the UK fans of TWOP?

Thank You so much for your support, every effort will be rewarded by the Coherence of a Winning Heart.


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