Kataklysm Unleash “Iron Will: 20 Years Determined”

The new DVD/CD-Pack “Iron Will: 20 Years Determined” by Montreal based extreme metallers KATAKLYSM is out now. 

Iron Will: 20 Years Determined features a documentary as well as a bonus CD. The set will depict the ups and downs of the band’s long, turbulent career, as well as footage of KATAKLYSM‘s performance at last year’s Summer Breeze festival, which took place August 18-20, 2011 in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. The cover art for the release was created by artist Colin Marks (ORIGIN, EXODUS, NEVERMORE) and can be viewed above. 

Check this final Trailer:


The Iron Will: 20 Years Determined Track Listing:



The Early Years 1991-2004

1. Let’s Start A Band 1991-1993

2. Signing to Nuclear Blast in 1994

3. Mexico in 1995

4. Max Leaves the Band

5. The Temple of Knowledge

6. The Reformation in 1997

7. Leaving NB in 1998

8. The Prophecy Returns to NB in 2000

9. EPIC 2001

10. In Shadows & Dust

11. Max Quits, Again


IRON Will Part II

The Rebirth 2004-2011

1. Serenity In Fire with Martin in 2004

2. Max Comes Back

3. In The Arms… 2006

4. Prevailing in 2008

5. 2010 Heaven’s Venom

6. Ozzfest

7. Albano’s & Saverio

8. The World Tour

9. Transylvania

10. SPQR Rome

11. Touring with Kids

12. New Orleans

13. 2 Decades of Congrats

14. Credits

Iron WIll

video clip



Live at Summer Breeze Open Air 2011

1. Determined (Vows Of Vengeance)

2. Taking The World By Storm

3. The Awakener

4. To Reign Again

5. Manipulator Of Souls

6. As I Slither

7. At The Edge Of The World

8. As My World Burns

9. Drum Solo

10. Blood On The Swans

11. Astral Empire

12. Feeling The Neverworld

13. The Orb Of Uncreation

14. In Shadows And Dust

15. Crippled And Broken

16. Push The Venom



1. Iron Will

2. Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)

3. Push The Venom

4. In Shadows And Dust

5. Manipulator Of Souls

6. Crippled And Broken

7. Prevail

8. As I Slither

9. The Awakener

10. The Resurrected

11. Let Them Burn

12. At The Edge Of The World

13. Taking The World By Storm

14. Blood In Heaven

15. The Ambassador Of Pain

16. Where The Enemy Sleeps

17. The Road To Devastation

18. Sorcery

19. The Orb Of Uncreation
Check out the music video for the new single “Iron Will” here:

The track was recorded in Montreal, Canada with guitarist/producer Jean-François Dagenais and mixed by Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, BEHEMOTH, MNEMIC) in Denmark.

“Iron Will” can also be streamed here.

Get your copy in the Nuclear Blast shop here.

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