Mueran Humanos Unveil New Single

Following the release of Fawn Spots on Louder Than War Records comes a new single by Mueran Humanos. Released on 24 September.
Manifested as an art project in 2006, employing as much visuals and design into a performance as their music, Mueran Humanos have struck gold with equal amounts of abstract elements to Krautrock orientated structures, resulting in a sound of their own. Centered around electronic instrumentation – and a heavy use of it – the band still manages to retain a gritty quality that hits you with absolute fierceness. And with worldwide tours and a critically acclaimed debut album providing weight to their musical presence, this pair of maestros are sure to push the Louder Than War series to new heights.
Argentinean electronic renegades relocated to Berlin, Mueran Humanos translates as death to humanity which gives you a clue to what’s going on here. There is a darkness and tension to their keyboard driven music as the two of them, the hauntingly aloof and beautiful Carmen Burguess and the rocker Tomas Nochteff between them make a music that is beguiling, dark, sexy, dangerous and haunting. In a barrage of electronics with a tough bass guitar they create an unsettling music that is utterly compelling.” – John Robb
The accompanying music video for Culpable is here:

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