Eclectika Unveil New Album

Highly regarded French metal band ECLECTIKA (see our review of their previous work here) has just released its third album called “Lure of Ephemeral Beauty” via Asylum Ruins Records. When reviewing the band’s previous work, ‘dazzling dawn’ we noted “most people with a varied taste will find something to marvel at here and it is clear that Eclectika are capable of astonishing things when given the chance to let their imaginations run free.” Therefore we are confident that this new record will once again prove to be a tantalising trip into the unknown. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Through the Supernova Remnant – 2. Lure of Ephemeral Beauty – 3. Cyclic Anagnorisis – 4. Room Nineteen – 5. Sophist’s Death: Legacy and Bitter Tears – 6. Trauma 835 – 7. Sweet Melancholia – 8. Les Sept Vertus Capitales – 9. Handicapped Sex in a Mental Orgy – 10. Aokigahara.

The album is available for purchase as well as streaming via Deezer at

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