Fetoinfetus – ‘Mortuary’ EP Review

Time for something awesome – Poland’s FETOINFETUS are a death/grind act so utterly obnoxious they make Cannibal Corpse sound somewhat tame in comparison. With this two track mini-cd (sadly no longer physically available, but happily on bandcamp as a free download), Fetoinfetus stake their claim as the most stunningly abrasive band currently squirming out of the darkness of central Europe.

What sets Fetoinfetus apart, aside from their corpse-humour and powerful songwriting, is a production that is as vital and powerful as any major label release. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michal Grabowski in 666Studio it is a crystal clear, unspeakably violent job that rumbles form the speakers with a seething malice and visceral quality rarely heard in the worlds of underground metal. Of the two powerful tracks on offer the first, ‘mortuary’ opens with a darkly comic sample before flaying the very skin from your brow with a riff that reeks of putrefied flesh and  rotten innards. The percussion is laser precise, the vocals up there with George Fisher in terms of bowel-churning violence and then, as suddenly as it started it’s over.

The second track, ‘let blood be shed’ is… well it’s just awesome. There is no other appropriate adjective. It rips, tears and snarls over two and a half bloody minutes that are dizzyingly intense and insanely exciting. If music such as this was to be represented by a physical act it would be a fight to the death between two knife-wielding, be-masked maniacs standing in a grave, half filled with blood and bone whilst a cackling old lady tosses babies carrying chainsaws into the mix. Unpleasant? Offensive? Gloriously over-the-top? It ticks all those boxes, and death metal fans in tune with the likes of Pig Destroyer, Cannibal Corpse and The Aborted will love every second of it.

Do not miss out on Fetoinfetus – this is as brilliant as death metal gets and it’s available for free making this the best bargain of 2012. All hail Fetoinfetus – we can’t wait for the Album!

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