Roadrunner Release Huge Thritieth Anniversary Box Set


Roadrunner Records celebrates over thirty years as one of the most highly regarded labels in heavy metal and hard rock history by releasing a four-CD boxed set spanning the Roadrunner legacy, with tracks from dozens of the genre’s most legendary artists.

The package, set for release on 30th September, includes 54 tracks spread across four discs, packaged in a deluxe fold-out digipak box.  Veteran US metal scribe Chris Dick has written the liner notes, which trace Roadrunner’s entire history and include quotes from the label’s founder, Cees Wessels; its legendary A&R guru, Monte Conner; and artists such as Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, King Diamond, Sepultura/Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy mastermind Max Cavalera, Opeth leader Mikael Åkerfeldt, Trivium frontman Matt Heafy, and more.

‘XXX: Three Decades of Roadrunner Records’ delivers a blistering overview of the formidable label’s three decades of existence to date, spread across four carefully assembled CDs. The first disc, ‘Foundations,’ highlights the label’s early, reputation-building years with seminal tracks by Mercyful Fate, Carnivore, Deicide, Brujeria, Suffocation, Biohazard, Type O Negative and more.  The second disc, ‘Horns Up,’ sums up Roadrunner’s indelible impact on the 90’s metal scene with genre-defining anthems from Slipknot, Machine Head, Sepultura, Coal Chamber, Fear Factory, and many others. The third disc, ‘And Metal For All,’ brings the listener into the 2000’s and up to the present with the pounding sounds of Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Dream Theater, Opeth, Gojira, as well as a track from 2005’s ‘all-star’ ‘Roadrunner United’ album.  The final disc, ‘Rock For The Ages,’ focuses on Roadrunner’s hard rock contingent with tracks from mainstays such as Rush, Nickelback, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Airbourne, Black Stone Cherry, and Korn featuring Skrillex, among others.

 A documentation of not just Roadrunner’s history but metal itself, this four disc set is testimony to the fact that as metal and heavy rock have morphed and changed over the years, Roadrunner was always, and continues to be, at its epicenter.

 ‘XXX: Three Decades of Roadrunner Records’ will also be available digitally from all major online retailers, priced approximately £20. You can pre-order it via Amazon at the following link.

Three Decades packshot



  1. MERCYFUL FATE            “Evil”

  2. WHIPLASH                          “Power Thrashing Death”

  3. KING DIAMOND                 “Abigail”

  4. CARNIVORE                        “Carnivore”

  5. OBITUARY                           “Slowly We Rot”

  6. ANNIHILATOR                     “Alison Hell”

  7. DEICIDE                               “Sacrificial Suicide”

  8. SUFFOCATION                    “Infecting The Crypts”

  9. BIOHAZARD                        “Punishment”

  10. TYPE O NEGATIVE “Christian Woman”

  11. BRUJERIA                            “Matandos Güeros”

  12. CYNIC                                  “Veil of Maya”

  13. LIFE OF AGONY                  “Through and Through”

  14. TREPONEM PAL                  “Excess and Overdrive”

Disc 2 – HORNS UP

  1. NAILBOMB                          “Wasting Away”

  2. MACHINE HEAD            “Imperium”

  3. DOG EAT DOG                    “No Fronts (Jam Master Jay’s Main Edit)

  4. DEATH                                 “Crystal Mountain”

  5. SEPULTURA                         “Roots Bloody Roots”

  6. COAL CHAMBER            “Loco”

  7. SOULFLY                         “Eye For an Eye”

  8. FEAR FACTORY                   “Shock”

  9. SLIPKNOT                            “Spit it Out”

  10. SPINESHANK                       “New Disease”

  11. CHIMAIRA                           “Pure Hatred”

  12. 36 CRAZYFISTS                   “Bloodwork”

  13. ILL NINO                         “What Comes Around”


  1. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE        “My Last Serenade”

  2. TRIVIUM                             “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr”

  3. DEVILDRIVER                      “I Could Care Less”

  4. CRADLE OF FILTH               “Nymphetamine Fix”

  5. HATEBREED                         “Destroy Everything”

  6. CAVALERA CONSPIRACY    “Inflikted”

  7. ROADRUNNER UNITED      “The Dagger”

  8. PORCUPINE TREE               “Fear of a Blank Planet”

  9. DREAM THEATER                “On the Backs of Angels”

  10. OPETH                                 “Heir Apparent”

  11. MEGADETH                         “Headcrusher”

  12. DOWN                                 “Witchtripper”

  13. HEAVEN & HELL                  “Bible Black”

  14. GOJIRA                                “L’enfant sauvage”


  1. NICKELBACK                       “Side Of A Bullet”

  2. JERRY CANTRELL            “Anger Rising”

  3. STONE SOUR                      “30/30 150”

  4. KARMA TO BURN               “Ma petite mort”

  5. GLASSJAW                           “Pretty Lush”

  6. THE DRESDEN DOLLS         “Girl Anachronism”

  7. AIRBOURNE                        “No-One Fits Me (Better Than You)”

  8. MURDERDOLLS            “Dead In Hollywood”

  9. THEORY OF A DEADMAN “Bad Girlfriend”

  10. BLACK STONE CHERRY       “Lonely Train”

  11. KORN feat. SKRILLEX         “Get Up!”

  12. RUSH                                   “Headlong Flight”

  13. LYNYRD SKYNRD            “Still Unbroken”

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