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With so many bands turning to crowd funding it is sometimes difficult to know to whom you should pledge your hard earned cash. It seems that almost every day a new act is turning to this uniquely interactive method of funding albums in an increasingly uncertain age and the rewards for those willing to get involved can be significant. One act that SonicAbuse believes should be at the top of your list are Sheffield based progressive-folk-metal act Northern Oak. With a modest goal of £3000 (half of which has already been reached thanks to the band’s exceedingly dedicated fan base) and some truly brilliant rewards on offer (CDs, T shirts, Tours of the Peak District) the band aim to record their third album with the funds and, if ‘monuments’ is anything to go by the results will be truly stunning.

At the base of this post you will find the video with which Northern Oak are promoting their campaign as well as a link to the band’s previous album site – an essential stop if you have somehow missed out on this amazing act. Crafting music that ranges from Pink Floyd to Emperor via Jethro Tull and Darkthrone, Northern Oak are a mesmerising band comprised of truly talented individuals and this is your chance to secure their future – don’t miss out!

Join the Northern Oak campaign here

If, for some reason, you have missed out on the amazing music of Northern Oak here is an extract from our album review and an embedded player to  delight your ears…

“It’s hard to say what the best aspect of Northern Oak is. Musically, this is excellent and far more cohesive than similar works by, say, Eluvetie who, while very good, never manage to integrate their music quite so spectacularly as this or, to put it more simply, Eluvetie sound like the prototype for Northern Oak’s more refined, intelligent approach. For those looking for a metal bludgeoning, there is plenty to admire, but the depth of composition and song-writing skill on display here means that there is always far more than just a meaty riff to look to. The lyrics, in particular, deserve special mention as they have clearly been laboured over and loved and it is a pleasure to read something so intelligent and well thought out as  the works here which read as if they have been put together by an English scholar. The concept too is compelling, with references to a variety of English legends and folk-lore populating the narratives and maintaining interest until the album’s close which arrives with an almost unseemly haste until you realise that you’ve actually lost over an hour to it. Ultimately, perhaps it is the old-world charm that the band exude with a level of authenticity rarely matched (except by the masterful Old Corpse Road who work a similar furrow)  that works best here – whatever it is, ‘Monuments’ is an utterly compelling listen from start to the hidden track at the tale-end of ‘in these hills’ and with the artwork providing every reason to go out and actually buy the CD this is also the sort of work that is best played as a whole, allowing the various moods and atmospheres to swirl around you. Northern Oak, like OCR, are one of those bands that reminds you exactly why the UK has such a strong name in the metal world and ‘monuments’ is a landmark album that should be compulsory listening in every home across the country – it truly is a genre classic and it deserves recognition.”.

Read the full review here.

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