Fen Vocalist Launches Slug Comparison


Well, this is definitely interesting. Doug Harrison, the talented vocalist for renowned progressive act Fen has developed a solo project as a means of venting his surplus creative energy, and you can check out the result below. The debut release is an ambitious and feverish video that suggests that Slug Comparison are marked for big things. You’ll find the video for “Bringer of doom” below.

A dark collaboration between Harrison and Swedish director Peter Wiholm, the video depicts a woman (actor Kim Arklie) who slits her wrists and lowers
herself into a bathtub, then enters the dream-like world of her subconscious.
In the shadows of this world a mysterious man (actor Brad Hammerstron) keeps appearing, and the woman finds herself running for safety.

“The story wasn’t what I had in mind when I wrote the song,” says Harrison,
“But when Peter came up with the idea, I was impressed by how well it matched the lyrics, so we went ahead with making it.”

“Bringer of Doom” is the first of a group of songs written at the same time as
FEN’s Ripple Music release, Of Losing Interest. Harrison says, “Between writing sessions with the band, I found I had more energy to keep going, and more ideas kept coming out of me, so I’d work on those at home, piecing them together on my computer. Eventually I had enough of them that I realized I needed a new project.”

For “Bringer of Doom” Harrison wrote and performed and/or programmed all of the instruments with the help of long-time FEN producer, Mike Southworth of Creativ Studios. The song is available for $1 at bandcamp: https://slugcomparison.bandcamp.com



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