Mindless Self Indulgence Release New Video

Mindless Self Indulgence have unleashed a new animated video for the track ‘Fuck Machine’ which is taken from the EP ‘Fuck Machine’ – a collection of drastically different takes on the title track.

Fuck Machine was released in January and features 11 versions, including remixes by such names as Combichrist, KMFDM, Mustard Pimp, a version with Chantal Claret, and new versions by Jimmy Urine himself. Surprisingly diverse takes on the song make this release something for everyone who enjoys MSI. Also included is a remix of “Jack You Up.”

The video is live here:

Jimmy Urine comments:

“We love anime and anime lovez us …so we decided to do a cartoon of us with lots of nods and winks to great classic anime and a few nods to frankenstein girls.

The cartoon short is set to ‘fuck machine’ and features the band fucking shit up and fighting monsterz.  I the great and powerful Jimmy Urine came up with the concept, it was animated by moreframes with character designs by biteythevillian.”

More Information here.

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