Final Coil Stream New Track And Release ‘Somnambulant’ For Pre-Order

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Leicester-based alt rockers Final Coil are set to release an “acoustic-ish” EP on May 1st which showcases a much greater progressive influence within the band’s songwriting than on previous outings. Featuring eight tracks (including ‘closed to the light’, an exclusive bonus track only available if you purchase the entire album) that range from radically reworked tracks from the band’s explosive live set to brand new pieces written specifically for this release, ‘Somnambulant’ is described by the band as

A semi acoustic EP, ‘somnambulant’ is the result of too many nights without sleep, too many days spent dreamily walking towards an unknown future. Not exactly Final Coil unplugged, but a chance to hear the melodies of old songs shorn of their electric fire and imbued with an otherworldly ambience more reminiscent of progressive rock than primal, punk rock fury.”

You can stream ‘closed to the light’ here:

You can pre-order the EP through the band’s own bandcamp page (pre-orders come with an instant download of ‘this love (part 1)’) for a mere £3.00

Final Coil’s all-guns-blazing EP ‘Live with doubt’ is also still available on bandcamp (follow the link above) for FREE and is firmly recommended for fans of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

Final Coil live on stage

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