ANIMUS MORTIS set release date for new ATMF album

Animus Mortis


Today, Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation (ATMF) sets November 3rd as the international release date for Animus Mortis’ highly anticipated new album, Testimonia. Animus Mortis was founded mid 2004 by N.Onfray. Sid soon joined on vocals, and with this lineup, the band recorded the demo Desolated Landscapes. In July 2005, after a couple of live shows, the band went back to studio to record the MCD Thresholds Of Insanity, getting a great response in the European scene. In April 2007, the band recorded their debut full-length, Atrabilis (Residues from Verb & Flesh), and the album was released at the beginning of 2008, again by the French label Debemur Morti Productions. With this first album, Animus Mortis positioned itself among the most recognized Chilean black metal bands abroad. During 2008 and the first quarter of 2010, the band evaluated many backup musicians with the purpose to cover live shows with international bands, gigs across Chile, and along the way, made different recordings. In 2008, the band made splits with renowned bands in Spain, France, and Italy.

Animus Mortis are now ready to regain the throne they deserve with this new mature work, a Testimonia of their uncompromising attitude on the research within the dark side of black art. This new material sets the trend in which the band has been working on, keeping the Animus Mortis identity and also adding new passages into the composition path. Mastered in Necromorbus Studio, Sweden, the new highly anticipated chapter of Testimonia is a piece that’s immersed in the transcendental and the abstract. It tells about experiences of profound meditation and the way we travel around several levels of conscience, through different vibrating states. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Animus Mortis’ Testimonia
1. REM Manifesto
2. Seven Decrees
3. Manuscripts (Emanation & Ascent)
4. Hyperbole of Senses
5. Testimonia
6. LVX
7. Vibrations From The Immaterial


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