Baptists release new track “Calling” from upcoming album Bloodmines



Culled from their incoming second album, Bloodmines, which was recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, the tenth track “Calling” rides with a slightly slower pace than the record as a whole, jamming with a more noise-rock whiplash, yet never letting their furiousness cease.



Show up with faces swollen
Ingest air of tamed
Impact days with nothing
Merge to the slowest lane
Embark on daily journeys
To seats that stay in place
Repress innate feelings
To walk the fuck away

Boss says it’s our calling
Boss says

Incorporated hallways
Lead to a stale embrace
Stay boxed in with dealings
Set to the owner’s tastes
Hone in on passive pleasings
To save yourself from fits

Don’t forget you can also listen to their previously released track “Harm Induction”

With Bloodmines now under a month from its October 13th street date via Southern Lord, the band will take to the North American West Coast days before the album’s release. Following several headlining shows, Baptists will take place in the Southern Lord showcase in Los Angeles, California on October 15th, joining labelmates Excel, Goatsnake, Xibalba, Obliterations and Torch Runner. From there, Obliterations, Torch Runner and Baptists will all tour as a package through the end of the month, with all three acts touring on their new albums, all due via Southern Lord. Another tour highlight includes a stop at Southwest Terror Fest III: The Western Front, set to take place October 16th-19th in Tucson, Arizona, where Baptists are set to perform on the main stage the final evening of the gathering with SUNN O))), Obliterations and Sex Prisoner.
Like its predecessor, Baptists’ acclaimed Bushcraft debut LP, Bloodmines is an exhilarating album pouring with genuine, raw emotion and frenzied punk fury. Shards of feedback make way for rapid riffs and savage vocals, with explosive drumming surging life into every second of each movement. On tracks like “Vistas”, “Calling” and the title track, “Bloodmines,” the pace changes, revealing powerful, melodic and jagged noise rock songs, much like influential San Diego post-hardcore band Drive Like Jehu, which go beyond the two minute mark. Discordant guitar melodies and abrasive vocal passages are elongated, still volatile but perhaps allowing for further contemplation of the band’s underlying message.

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