Spires Announce ‘The Whisperer’ Crowd-Funding Campaign

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Long-time SonicAbuse favourites Spires are set to record a new album, but they need your help. Like so many proudly independent bands, Spires have turned to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds. If you’ve not checked out the band, their previous two works are reviewed here and are more-or-less essential listening for any self-respecting music fan.

Spiral of ascension review here.

Lucid Abstractions EP review here.

If you know the band, you’ve probably helped them out already. if not, now’s your chance – if the band’s previous work is anythign to go by, then ‘the whisperer’ will be truly special.

Read the band’s official press release below:

Manchester progressive metallers Spires have launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for their forthcoming full length album, entitled ‘The Whisperer’. This will be the follow up to 2010’s critically acclaimed ‘Spiral of Ascension’, and 2012’s equally praised acoustic mini-album ‘Lucid Abstractions’.   The album is planned for an early November release, with the Kickstarter campaign ending on 4th October.

The album will initially be a limited edition run of 500 copies, on 6 panel digipak, featuring extensive artwork by Daniella Morrison, and a full lyric booklet.  The 7 track release will feature over an hour of progressive metal, and expands upon the foundations laid on the band’s previous releases.   “This album is going to be even more expansive and wide reaching,” vocalist / guitarist Paul Sadler explains, “with more varied instrumentation including cello, violin, piano and female vocals, as well as a guest spot on guitar from Tymon Kruidenier from Exivious / ex Cynic  The overall dynamics are pushed to further extremes in both directions.  We’re all extremely excited about how it’s sounding”.

He continues, “We decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to give us that helping hand to produce a physical product that’s really worth having.  In this day and age we feel this is necessary to convince people its worth parting with their hard earned cash for something you have created.”

The band are also producing a limited run of T-shirts to coincide with the release, featuring artwork from the album, also available through Kickstarter.  A small UK tour is also in the pipeline for the end of the year.  They play a one off show alongside Falloch and Jordan Reyne on 17th September at The Flapper in Birmingham .

Help the band out here.

Visit Spires at:


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