SCAPES set release date for NIHIL ULTRA debut



Nihil Ultra is proud to present One:Unseen:One, the debut album of Finnish newcomers Scapes, set for international release on December 1st. Timeless yet somehow from a time far away, Scapes create atmospheric metal that’s rich in dynamics and texture, from mellow-yet-emotive acoustic passages to epic, crushingly soundscapes. If references are required, Scapes sound could be described as a mixture of doomy bands like Paradise Lost and Candlemass and Norwegian masters Arcturus and Borknagar along with acoustic parts in the vein of Opeth and Ulver. However, the entire experience across One:Unseen:One a young band with a startling degree of confidence and clarity.

Scapes’ story starts with vocalist Olli, who also drums and plays guitar on the album. He had been playing in more extreme metal bands and started to build a band around himself around 2007 since he had been doing this kind of gloomy stuff with clean vocals for years just for his own fun. This led to the formation ofScapes, and the first official recording, One:Unseen:One, was constructed by five people, all bandmates/friends form western Finland bands Funeral Feast, Faerghail, Damnesty, and Äkä. After a few changes over the years, now in 2014, the band works as a four-piece live lineup. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Scapes’ One:Unseen:One
1. Caring is Gone
2. Unseen Infinite
3. A Song of a Mountain
4. The Melancholy Cycle
5. Devil May Dare
6. Every Waking Dawn
7. Doomscapes

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