Swallowing Bile & Reinforcement Punishment

Today, the Obscure Vanity label announces November 4th as the release date for a split tape between Swallowing Bile, the heralded HNW/power electronics nom-de-plume of Ethan Ebeling, and Reinforcement:Punishment, the mysterious entity appearing out of the æther in 2012. Having made a name for himself over the last three years with devastating live shows across the northeastern United States and dropping demo after demo of absolutely obliterating harsh noise, Swallowing Bile has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Their track on this split, “Brotherhood/United By Violence,” couples suffocating and violent walls of distortion against throat-shredding vocal oscillations. Swallowing Bile recounts the lore and lure of the 1980s HNW and PE scenes while invoking a modern spirit all their own. Reinforcement:Punishment is thunderously heavy, coming off their last demo, the dark and dense ANIMAL, and presents “Crown and Disease,” 10 minutes of grinding and violent death-electronics and bone-crushing, oscillating noise. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Swallowing Bile/Reinforcement:Punishment split tape
1) Swallowing Bile – “Brotherhood/United by Violence” [9:53]
2) Reinforcement:Punishment – “Crown and Disease” [8:33]

This release is limited to 100 copies, and can be purchased in a bundle with a limited-edition T-shirt HERE. Purchasing info for the regular edition can be found HERE.

Obscure Vanity is a boutique American label specializing in limited-cassette releases of black metal, HNW, power electronics, and everything in between. The label began in 2009 under the handle Archasm Releasing, and then spun off the imprint Supremacy Temple in 2013. This year, both Archasm Releasing and Supremacy Temple coalesced into Obscure Vanity.


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