Alne finished their album


Alne, the Polish folk/rock/experimental have finished working on their new, 9 track album including the cover version of ,,A Mask in the Mirror” by Ved Buens Ende. 


You can listen now to three of the nine songs at Alne’s bandcamp. the band is looking for a label.

As with their debut album, this time the themes of the lyrics are inspired by the primeval spirituality of the land ALNE comes from. Three texts were prepared by Alne, but the rest of the lyrics were written by contemporary “pagan” poets – Wojciech Mytnik and Piołun…

Bartek Rogalewicz ( is preparing the graphic design.

ALNE are:

Kasia – vocals
Agnieszka – cello
Klimor – guitar
Horizon – guitar
Góral – bass
A.S. – drums

recorded at Bat Studio, Olsztyn
mixed by Michał Baginski
mastered by Nihil at Czyściec Studio


More info about the band: (ENG)

Get in touch:

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