DIRA MORTIS announces a new release

“Rusty Razor Cuts”, a compilation album by DIRA MORTIS will be released on December 24th, 2014. Album is a record of the early achievements of the group. As a bonus to the CD, You can find a card that allows downloading video recording of the concert that the band played as part of a charity edition of the Goat Horns Fest. The idea behind the event was to support the victims of an car accident of Blaze Of Perdition musicians, which was also attended by Wizun, drummer of DIRA MORTIS. Thanks to the support, which then was given to the band by Jacek Gut (drummer of Depopulate, Banisher, Nuclear Vomit) DIRA MORTIS could play this concert and provide support to colleagues. “Rusty Razor Cuts” is also a support for Wizun, who admittedly has returned to active play, but still requires specialised rehabilitation. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the disc will be allocated to this purpose. Also, if someone wants to support Wizun from his own wallet, this is also possible. All information can be found inside the album. The disc can be ordered on www.defense.8merch.com/dira_mortis_rusty_razor_cuts-id5133.

Defense Records, publisher of “Rusty Razor Cuts”, describe the album by these words:
“We put in your hands disc constituting documentation of DIRA MORTIS early recordings. It is a proof of perseverance and youthful enthusiasm, not a demonstration of skills. Do not expect crystal sound quality and comfortable feel . Please set rather hiking in the cold, windy night, where snow and rain are intertwined with the thick hail the size of eggs, and you have to go the distance 15 km by melting drifts. From the beginning, the band existed only as initiative of Leszek Makowiecki and thanks to his determination and love to Death Metal, these demos were created . Rough, imperfect and dingy compositions have however specific heat and energy, characteristic only for debutants. Leader of DIRA MORTIS shows here unbridled desire to create music, despite technical deficiencies, personal problems and other difficulties. The disc contains 3 material recorded during 3 years (“Revulsion” 2001,”Murder Epidemic” 2002, “Architecture Of Mind” 2003). After recording these materials, there was a long silence. After eight years DIRA MORTIS returned at full strength, supplemented by elite musicians. Unfortunately, the current drummer accident again stopped well-oiled machine and effectively delayed recording of new materials. The idea for the release of these demos is to close the first period of band existence and also a small gesture to help in the recovery of the drummer. After listening to this album You probably agree with me that talent of Krzysiek Saran is necessary for Leszek to continue his death metal passion.”

Soon, we will know also the details of a new DIRA MORTIS studio album, which, with the participation of Wizun, is being completed.

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