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It’s hard to know what to make of Nordic Giants. In just three minutes, their song ‘Rapture’ (linked below) takes you on a journey that takes in Peter Gabriel-esque prog, haunting Aphex Twin-style beats, epic sigur ros-loving soundscapes and a healthy hint of Pink Floyd. It’s gloriously unique music that traverses huge, cinematic peaks and leaves the listener breathless at the sheer, staggering beauty of it all. It’s not possible to relay in mere words the wonderful imagery conjured by the duo of Loki and Roka (with stunning collaborator Beth Cannon) and I can only suggest that you find a suitable space, plug in the best speakers you have and explore the music for yourself. A truly glorious example of how music can offer up both a striking internal world and a visceral rock experience, ‘Rapture’ is aptly named. Read the press release below and find out more about this wonderful band.

“Nordic Giants release their debut album A Séance Of Dark Delusions through Kscope on April 6th. The elusive duo Loki and Roka bring their beautifully apocalyptic soundscapes alive in a rich project exploring the deep breadths of sonic and visual art.

Largely instrumental, A Séance Of Dark Delusions reflects the inspired musical experimentation and atmosphere of Sigur Rós, 65daysofstatic, Björk and Pink Floyd. Nordic Giants bring a heavy orchestral brutality through progressive guitar, drum and brass, which are paired with beautiful and haunting electronics as they warp loops and end of the world samples through pattered keys.

When they pull lyricism from the human world, Nordic Giants enlist the vocal features of artists, Saturday Sun (‘Dissolve’), Nadine Wild Palmer (‘Futures Dark’), Freyja (‘Give Flight To The Imagination’), and Beth Cannon (‘Rapture’).

As the first track to be lifted from A Séance Of Dark Delusions, ‘Rapture’ is an enigmatically provoking wonderment. Operatically charged by Beth Cannon’s vocals, the song’s cavernous holy sentiments crawl beneath the skin with their poignant key chimes, creeping synths and chorus choir.

Live Nordic Giants become an even more imposing beast. Experimenting with different live performance spaces, from Victorian halls to 360-degree visual domes to digital mapping shows, audiences are always filled with intrigue. Using short films – incorporating delicate illustration and animation as well as immersive actor led stories from acclaimed directors – Nordic Giants soundtrack their awe-inspiring and ever changing show, which delivers the very height of emotive captivation.

Mixing dark and light with ambience and raw power, the dynamics of A Séance Of Dark Delusions mark the changing moods of the human spirit. Nordic Giants take that spirit into even further ethereal realms as their complex electronic post-rock stretches from fiery industrialism (‘Evolve Or Perish’), to angelic mournful minimalism (‘Illuminate’), while the duo intertwine progressive experimentation throughout.

Nordic Giants are set to support Sólstafir in January on their 11-date European tour and are also set to play European festivals including La Ferme Festival, Out Of The Crowd Festival and Aloud Music Festival – the latter of which Nordic Giants headline. UK live dates are due to be announced shortly.

A Séance Of Dark Delusions is the first full length release from one of the most intriguing and original bands of 2015, a duo that offer an intense aural and visual experience. The album will be available digitally, as a CD/DVD package including the Nordic Giants digital mapping experience and bonus content, and also gatefold LP.

Full track listing and Nordic Giants live dates are below:




  • 1.Elysian Dreams
  • 2.Evolve Or Perish
  • 3.Rapture ft. Beth Cannon
  • 4.Give Fight To The Imagination ft. Freyja
  • 5.Dissolve ft. Saturday Sun
  • 6.Illuminate
  • 7.Spirit
  • 8.Futures Dark ft. Nadine Wild Palmer
  • 9.Black Folds
  • 10.A Thousand Lost Dreams





27/01 – Nouveau Casino, Paris, FR


28/01 – Le Ferrailluer, Nantes, FR


29/01 – Dynamo, Toulouse, FR


30/01 – CCO Villeurbanne, Lyon, FR


31/01 – Kiff, Aarau, Switzerland, CH


01/02 – Café Central, Weinheim, DE


02/02 – FZW, Dortmund DE


03/02 – Uebel & Gefahrlich, Hamburg, DE


04/02 – Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, DK


05/02 – Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, SW


07/02 – Debaser, Stockholm, SW




28/02 – La Ferme Festival, Louvain La Neuve, BE


12/03 – Aloud Music Festival, Barcelona, ES


25/04 – Out Of The Crowd Festival, Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg


UK live dates are due to be announced shortly.

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