Titanium Blue – Self-Titled Album Review


This is an enjoyable CD from the U.S-based four-piece outfit who promise “funky, hard drivin’ blues” from a group of seasoned musical veterans. Kansas City based, the band spend their time catering to private parties, weddings and pubs and promise an awesome party.

It’s a modern sounding blues album and whilst quite a lot of blues bands tend to do a lot of covers, all the tracks on Titanium Blue are self-penned which is a strong mark in their favour. The gritty vocals fit in well with the music. There is plenty of well-played guitar and keyboard solos. The drumming is well-timed and there is a nice clear bass sound. A few tracks even feature a horn section. All of the above helps to raise Titanium blue above the standard of the average blues bar band.

For me, the stand-out tracks were the atmospheric ‘Elemental’, the moody ‘Better Think Twice’ and ‘Got A line On You’, all of which feature some exciting guitar work. However, all the tracks are very listenable and ultimately this self-titled effort is a good album to sit back and relax to.

By Chris Greenwood

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  1. Kurt Allen February 19, 2015 4:41 am  Reply

    Thanks for your review of our album, so glad you liked it. Death Letter is actually a cover of a Son House tune but everything else on the album is original buy us!

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