Forever Storm – ‘Tragedy’ Album Review


This is the second cd from the Serbian metal band. For me, ‘Tragedy’ is a vast improvement on Forever Storm’s debut album, ‘Soul Revolution’. It has more variety, much better production and better songs. It’s a really good cd.

The intro, ‘Inceptum Finis’ sets the tone: a military drum roll leading to melodic guitar and keyboards. The single, ‘Mother’, cuts in quickly, with some classy riffing, fast paced drumming, well delivered vocals, good tempo changes and fine guitar solos and harmonies. ‘Made Of Lies’ is a fast-paced rocker. It has a melodic solo to get things going, a fast riff, rumbling bass, a chuggy mid-section, with pinched harmonics, then a slow keyboard section, leading to a guitar solo with plenty of feel, then it’s back to that fast riff. ‘Forever The Same’ and the title track are in the same vein as the earlier tracks. There are strong vocals, catchy riffs, unobtrusive keyboards, energetic drumming, solid bass playing and well executed fret work.

‘Nocturnal Wings’ is one of my favourite tracks. It has lots of tempo changes, a great chunky guitar part at the start and mid-section and a good bass line. The song has an air of menace and desperation, partly due to the good singing. ‘Carry On The Flame’ starts with a nice, understated guitar part. It’s a slightly slower track, with some atmospheric keyboards and melodic guitars. ‘Paradox’ picks up the tempo again. The drumming and guitars complement each other well here. ‘City Of Vultures’ is another one of my favourite tracks. A great opening riff and some exciting guitar work and drumming. It’s one of the heaviest tracks on the cd. ‘Flames Of Reason’ slows things down for a while, but is still an enjoyable track, with a lot of feel and emotion and atmospheric keyboards. There’s still a nice riff and heavy drumming in places. ‘Death Comes Alive’ is another chunk of metal. There’s another really catchy riff, exciting solo and manic drumming added to the soaring vocals. ‘Euthanasia’ is a well made instrumental, slightly spoilt by the commentary and the bonus track ‘The Leaving’ is another good hard rock track to end the proceedings, if you have that edition, of course!

Overall, ‘Tragedy’ by Forever Storm is an impressive and enjoyable cd.

Review by Chris Greenwood

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