DOLENTIA set release date for highly anticipated ALTARE album

Dolenta - Iniciação Eversiva

Altare Productions is proud to present Dolentia’s highly anticipated second album, Iniciação Eversiva, set for international release on June 22nd. Although Portugal is usually known for a more centrist, rather drab black metal scene, in recent years, the country has become home to a cabal of unapologetically raw yet incredibly melodic BM hordes. Through a number of demos, splits, and the subsequent Sob a Égide das Sombras debut album in 2012, Dolentia have pulled into pole position as the leaders of this shadowy scene – and with Iniciação Eversiva, the quartet have laid bare a stark monument of emotive, mystical black metal. Surging forth with cascading waves of ritualism, ghoulish and desperate, Dolentia ensnare the listener right from the very start, and unlike a number of their immediate contemporaries, they have captured a clear yet uncompromised recording, all of which highlight the band’s lyrics written in their native tongue, dealing with death, occultism, witchcraft, Portuguese mysticism, old rituals, old ruins, lost hidden places in the depths of the Portuguese mountains and forests: true pieces of poetry, just like their music, although not entirely accessible to non-Portuguese readers. In every way, Iniciação Eversiva is characteristic Dolentia, but taken to a bolder level, breathing ancient air and exhaling it in ways equally majestic and malignant.

The vinyl LP version of Dolentia’s Iniciação Eversiva was released earlier this year the UK’s Mordgrimm, and that release featured six songs. Now, a CD version will be released by Portugal’s Altare Productions in conjucction with Mordgrimm, and will feature two bonus re-recorded songs from the 2007 demo A Idade da Morte, Liturgia do Sangue e da Agonia: “Lapidis/Sacrificium” (two songs glued together, like the band uses to play live) and “Era Portucalensis.”

Tracklisting for Dolentia’s Iniciação Eversiva
1. Voragem
2. Guardião das Almas
3. Entre Túmulos Esquecidos
4. Supremo Desígnio
5. Do Fundo dos Abismos
6. A Noite
7. Lapidis – Sacrificium
8. Era Portucalensis


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