Disorder – ‘Pure Hatred’ Album Review


Apparently formed in 2000 in Poland and with one album to their name in the form of 2006’s ‘confess’, Disorder are a three-piece Polish band who self-released this sophomore effort themselves. Recorded in 2013 as M23 Studio Walbrzych, ‘Pure hatred’ is a relentless and solid death metal album that takes its cues from latter Cannibal Corpse and latter day Emperor to deliver some pretty brutal thrills for those who love their metal at the extreme end of the spectrum.

Opening with a brief intro, the album kicks into gear properly with ‘Wacht Am Rhein’, a putrid, foetid mass of blast beats, chugging guitars and Kat’s gruff vocal delivery (Kat also handles bass on the album), showing that Poland remains at the head of the pack when it comes to a crushing underground scene (this is the country, after all, that gave us Acid Drinkers, Vader, Virgin Snatch, Frontside and, of course, Kat). Delivered with an earthy disdain for humanity, ‘Wacht Am Rein’ is simply the start of this short, effective and brutal ride and ‘Nome’ sees Kat spitting out a story of a village in which the number of mysterious disappearances remains abnormally high over Ramzes devilish guitar work. Interestingly the song, which starts off as a fairly typical death metal work out, deviates from the norm and heads off into creepy Emperor territory at its conclusion. It’s back to the deathly, however, for the unhinged ‘Decapitation’ which is all blast beats and ravenous screams only for ‘Humiliation’ things take a darker turn and the band delve deep into pure Cannibal Corpse territory with their mid-tempo guitars grinding against the vocals of the damned on a track that revels in its own base nature. Human nature is further dissected on the uncomfortable ‘pathology’ which details the many crimes against nature perpetrated by a species that pays mere lip service to morality and which delights in its own corruption.

The catalogue of horrors represented by the track listing continues unabated with ‘Murders instinct’, a painfully matter-of-fact breakdown of what makes a serial killer delivered over brutal blast beats and killer guitar work. ‘Doomsday II’ is less factual, covering the end of the world with a cold eye, whilst ‘Disorder’ predicts a violent revolution against the humiliation and injustice of the modern world. ‘Insanity of authority’ pretty much defines its purpose with its title, whilst the cataclysmically vicious guitar work is sufficiently potent to strip the paint from the walls when played at suitably high volumes. The final vocal track is ‘Holy inquisition’ and it is delivered with such speed and potent hatred it is astonishing the speakers don’t spontaneously combust. The instrumental ‘Doomsday II’ sees the band unleashing one last icy blast of primal fury at the world around them before lapsing into silence, leaving the listener shattered and exhausted.

Disorder are as extreme as they come and the music here offers little quarter to those expecting melody and subtlety. On offer here are twelve tracks as devastating in impact as the atomic bomb, possessed of intelligent and dark-hearted lyrics that underscore the very darkest elements of human nature. Music this extreme is undoubtedly for a manic few, but for those who enjoy indulging their dark side, ‘Pure Hatred’ is a primal, misanthropic gem that combines solid musicianship, a suitably raw production and truly jaded lyrics to impressive effect. Worth checking out.

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