Essenza – ‘Blind Gods & Revelations’ Review


This is the fourth cd by the Brazilian three piece.

The first track, Plastic God, starts with some lovely discordant guitar, which develops into a good chunky riff. There’s some interesting lyrics about false prophets preaching hate. The singing has a hint of desperation that goes well with the mood of the song. Track 2 is a fast paced chunk of  metal, with a good chuggy guitar riff and some lively bass and drumming. The song, ‘Bloody Spring’, is quite political. It calls for change to the system and is intelligently written. There’s some well played tempo changes and an exciting guitar solo from Carlo Rizzello, who also handles the lead vocals on the cd. ‘The Song Inside’ comes next. It has a bluesy opening riff. The sound of the album is quite rough and basic, which is actually quite appealing. There’s some very good guitar work on the track.

‘The Fury Of The Ancient Witch’ is a fast, classic metal song. The singing reminds me a bit of Ozzy Osbourne in places. There’s some impressive tempo changes, with some energetic drumming by Paolo Colazzo. ‘Lost And Blind’ is an ecological warning, about how humans are destroying our beautiful planet! It’s another quite quick rocker, featuring some solid bass playing from Alessandro Rizello and hammer down drums. There’s a good guitarb solo as ever. ‘Time For Change’ starts with a catchy riff. There’s hints of Black Sabbath and Ozzy again. It’s a song about the masses finding strength to overcome oppression and revolution and it’s another enjoyable track. The next track is a bit of an odd one. ‘Seagulls Of The Night’ is an acoustic track, with a nice acoustic guitar solo. I think it’s about the search for freedom but it’s not their best track! The closing track ‘Time’, is more like it. It has a nice flowing guitar riff, rumbling bass and the battering of drums. It has some good, effective tempo changes mid section, with interplay between guitar and bass.

This is a good album. I  liked the political lyrics, it made a nice change from a lot of the stuff I’ve reviewed . Definitely a cd for fans of early Black Sabbath and rough and ready heavy metal. Enjoyable stuff.

By Chris Greenwood

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