Firewolfe – ‘We Rule The Night’ Album Review


Firewolfe are a U.S melodic rock band heavily influenced by 1980s Hollywood Strip bands, such as Dokken (my favourite) and Malice, according to their press release.

The CD has a silly start with the sound of wolves howling! However when the music started, I was more impressed. The opener, ‘We Rule The Night’ has a good, catchy guitar riff, front man David Fefolt’s vocals are powerful and melodic.In the slower mid section, there’s an impressive bass solo by Bobby Ferkovich, followed by a well executed guitar solo. ‘The Devil’s Music’ is a song about people misunderstanding heavy rock and all Firewolf are interested in is rock and roll. Another classic 1980s classic riff and solo also gains the attention and the guitar sound is very good on this CD. Jay Schellen’s drumming is very lively although perhaps the cymbal sound on the album is a bit tinny at times.

‘Late Last Night’ ups the tempo with hammer down drumming, before a change of tempo, with a chuggy guitar riff. There’s good tempo changes and melodies throughout the track. This track has a particularly good guitar solo. ‘A Senator’s Gun’ starts with some nice bass playing and impressive guitar histrionics. There’s another strong vocal performance. This song is about political intrigue and corruption, a nice change from the usual lyrics from this genre. ‘Long Road Home’ has a similar riff to the opening of Iron Maiden’s Wasted Years. It’s another enjoyable track, as is ‘Whose Gonna Love You’. Both tracks are well played and sung.

 ‘Ready To Roll’ is one of the fastest songs on the CD. Guitarist Nick Layton’s fingers run up and down the fret board in impressive style yet again. ‘Betrayal’s Kiss’ is an atmospheric song. The slow intro has an Eastern feel to it. Schellen puts in an energetic drumming  performance and there’s feeling and rawness in the vocals of Fefolt. I also really liked the catchy riff and guitar solos in ‘Luck Of the Draw’. The closing song, ‘Dream Child’ is yet another well made track with solid bass playing, good use of the drum kit, confident vocals and more great guitar work from Layton.

 Overall I really enjoyed this CD. If you like your 1980s classic U.S metal, I think you  would  too. Well recommended.

By Chris Greenwood

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