DEMONA stream new HELLS HEADBANGERS single at Noisey – Music By Vice

Demona - 2015 EP

Today, speed metal cult Demona stream the entirety of their brand-new 2015 EP – set for international release on July 20th via Hells Heabangers, on 7″ vinyl only – at heavily trafficked web-portal Noisey – Music By Vice. Longtime fans of the band – founded and led by metal goddess Tanza Speed, who originally hails from Chile but now resides in Canada – Hells Headbangers secured two exclusive tracks here, “Allura Red” and the telltale “Chasing the Speed,” which both continue the band’s manic speed metal madness. Like the second coming of Sentinel Beast meets Original Sin, Demona whip up a fury across 2015, keeping the attack at high intensity yet never losing their inherent catchiness. Joining vocalist/guitarist Tanza Speed on this EP is Desaster drummer Tormentor, with additional recording assistance by Midnight live guitarist Commandor Vanik and mastered by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind. No time like 2015 to finally recognize Demona’s metal might, which can be heard exclusively HERE, courtesy of Noisey – Music by Vice!
Tracklisting for Demona’s 2015 7″ EP
1. Chasing the Speed
2. Allura Red

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