Survival & Viranesir Release Stunning Split EP


Unity / Solaris is a split effort from two bands that are as heavy and depressive as being fucked with a ten ton magnetic malice.

The first half of the album belongs to Survival’s own brand of west coast Hardcore Punk. Heavy guitars blend perfectly with sharp drums to make the high walls in which at times clean and at times harsh vocals run around in harmonious insanity. The technicality and production of Survival is of the highest order for a metal album and makes the first half of the split really penetrating into any pervert listening to it.

Viranesir’s part of the album is like a nightmare. The very dark and homegrown production together with mesmerizing keyboards and heavily distorted guitars are a backdrop for the fairy vocals of Ruhan and demonic chants of Emir stuck together by the psychotic drumming of Merdumgiriz. The album is like surfing in California in the first half and sleeping on the beach in the evening to nightmares, all during an apocalypse.

Survival is a hardcore/thrash group from the California Bay Area. Since the band’s conception in 2009, Nick Noro is the only original member and sole songwriter. After years of lineup changes and the death of original bassist Sam Vincent, the lineup has remained consistent and recorded 2012’s “Love God” record at Castle Ultimate with Zack Ohren. The group has opened for bands such as Attitude Adjustment, Lecherous Gaze, and Hot Lunch as well as eclectic groups such as Japanther and Chippy Nonstop. Nick Noro has released over 200 lo-fi demos via the Internet under the Survival moniker in addition to the band’s professional recordings (“Love God” “Unity” “Shayda”).

VIRANESIR is an experimental musical project created by the YAYLA mastermind Emir Toğrul. Originally created to be the solo project of the fictional main character in the film “Drink From The Fountain Of Uncertainty”. The project has released 6 full-length albums since its inception, ranging from psychedelic synthpunk to experimental death metal.

As with his work on YAYLA, Emir Toğrul’s grand vision, each “Unity/Solaris” CD and Tape is handmade; Emir paints the discs and tapes, cuts and inserts the prints for the jewel case and jacket, and pretty much makes everything from scratch. All current and upcoming merch is direct from the hand of the creator himself; there is no limit to the number of ” Unity/Solaris” CDs, as long as the man is alive. Toğrul is also co-owner of Merdumgiriz.

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