Everto Signum – ‘Synergy’ EP Review


Inspired by the natural elements, as the name of the ‘Synergy’ EP might imply, the Protugese Everto Signum’ formed in 2010, releasing their debut album, ‘Enneachotomy’ in 2012. This four track EP is relatively brief, but it also proves to be a powerful example of the genre, the band pitting heavy washes of synth against fizzing, distorted guitar and portentous percussion.

Opening with the instrumental ‘cold inception’ on so short a release is an unusual move, but not an unwelcome one. It suggests that the band are keen to create a specific atmosphere, even with their shorter releases, and it has a powerful effect on the listener. The piece builds, with guitars slowly appearing in the mix and war-like drums echoing in the background before segueing into the icy horror of ‘stirred ambience’, a haunting black metal track that recalls the likes of early Dimmu Borgir and emperor. Singer Nekruss employs a vocal style that sags and burns with a lifetime of hatred and discontent, his scarified voice sounding older than time as he growls out tortured syllables, whilst the band lay down suitably apocalyptic black metal tropes behind him. Similarly harrowing is the atmospheric ‘Elemental synergy’ with its martial drums and dark riffing. The EP ends with the surging ‘Igniferum’, a furious piece of black metal mastery that courses with dark electricity.

Short yet potent, ‘Synergy’ is a fine EP from these Portugese fiends. The production is raw yet suitably powerful and the themes of natural decline are intelligently written. In short, ‘Synergy’ is a strong example of an underground black metal band ticking all the right boxes. Well worth tracking down, ‘Synergy’ does not put a foot wrong.

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