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Friday marked the release of The Concrete Confessional, the brand new album by Conneticut hardcore giants Hatebreed.

Order a UK exclusive format, which include a CD/beanie bundle and a limited edition white vinyl version, here – http://bit.ly/HatebreedShop. A limited black vinyl version is also available from Amazon – http://bit.ly/AMZHatebreedVinyl. Alternatively, download a digital copy via iTunes: http://nblast.de/HatebreedTCCIT

In addition to the release, the band have also revealed another video trailer in which frontman Jamey Jasta talks about what fans can take away from The Concrete Confessional. Watch it here:

Historically, most hard rock/metal music doesn’t take on social issues, but that’s not the case with ‘The Concrete Confessional’. A number of the album tracks provide a pragmatic look at issues that have come to the forefront of today’s status quo, and the track ‘A.D.’ is a case in point. Dissecting what the American Dream means in a climate of upheaval, it’s a song that fuses together frustration with torrential thrashed-out guitars, double bass drums and Jamey Jasta’s immortal growl.

“I grew up believing in the American Dream” explains lyricist/vocalist Jasta, “That in America, if you work hard, you can achieve anything you want. But today, with government and big business drowning in corruption and greed, the everyday person is being squeezed, so achieving the American Dream is becoming less and less realistic. ‘A.D.’ was a way I could voice my frustration about that.”

“We all need to pay closer attention to what our elected leaders are doing,” Jasta added. “Start locally, in your own community, know where your dollar is going, make your representatives accountable.”

Hatebreed worked again with long-time producer Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel) on ‘The Concrete Confessional’, the band’s seventh full-length recording.
Following their recent headline slot on the European Impericon Festival
The band will support the album with extensive touring, starting with a headline slot on the European Impericon Festival that rolls into the UK for shows at Manchester’s Academy on 2nd May and London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town on 3rd May. The band then headline a 25-date North American trek. Click to www.hatebreed.com for the complete itinerary.

The Concrete Confessional track list is as follows:
1. A.D.
2. Looking Down The Barrel Of Today
3. Seven Enemies
4. In The Walls
5. From Grace We’ve Fallen
6. Us Against Us
7. Something’s Off
8. Remember When
9. Slaughtered In Their Dreams
10. The Apex Within
11. Walking The Knife
12. Dissonance
13. Serve Your Masters

Watch more on The Concrete Confessional:
Track by track part 1:

Album trailer 2:

Album trailer 1:

‘Seven Enemies’ lyric video:

‘Looking Down The Barrel Of Today’ music video:
‘A.D.’ lyric video:

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