Dan Reed Network Unveil New Video

The Brave-v1

Described by SonicAbuse as “a life-affirming album that will brighten even the dullest day with its taut rhythms, soulful vocals and hope-filled outlook”, ‘Fight another day’ (reviewed here) is the fantastic return of the Dan Reed Network after a considerable absence. The band have just made a new official video for their new single “The Brave”, which is the second single taken from the new record. The single is officially released on Monday 18th July and it follows on from amazing first single “Divided”.

As you can see, the single is another example of just how much power the Dan Reed Network can bring to bear in 2016 and, with its crazy-catchy chorus we should probably warn you that you’ll be singing this for days to come. The song has huge potential and our original review noted  that the track is a “funky workout which, with its driving bass and synth stabs, has hit single written all over it” – it’s hard to disagree, this song deserves to be huge.

‘Fight another Day’ is available now via Frontiers Records.

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