Obake Set To Release ‘Draugr’


Following the release of their self-titled debut album in 2011, and 2014’s Mutations, Obake are back. Their third LP, entitled Draugr, signals both a return to the origins of the band and a purification of their sound which shall see release on October 28th via Rare Noise Records.

This shift is immediately apparent in the choice of title: while the Japanese term Obake (お化け) signifies “that which changes”, “shapeshifter” or more generally “ghost of a departed”, Draugr is a term of Indo-European origin which means “creature returning from the dead”.  Such motto manifests in Obake’s sonic on Draugr, where ominous riffs and looming atmospheres interlace and shift with hypnotic psychedelia, frantic noise, pleasurable melodies and a good measure of groove. The 9-track album will surely take the listener through various sonic terrains whilst always returning to the original behemoth, the original “creature” – heavy metal.

The compactness and formal cohesion of Obake, found in exemplary fashion on Draugr, reflects the newly found balance in the band. The line-up now features their live drummer Jacopo Pierazzuoli (MoRkObOt; Kings Of Fire), Colin Edwin on electric bass  (Metallic Taste Of Blood ; o.R.k.),  Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari on guitars and vocals (o.R.k.) and Eraldo Bernocchi on guitars (Metallica Taste Of Blood).

The multiplicity of collaborations between the members of Obake have enabled them to develop the aforementioned compact and unique sound that is as extreme – in its doom and grindcore harkenings – as it is borderless with in-depth explorations of ambient music accompanied by colourings of jazz, progressive rock and noise textures. Obake’s sound brings the listener back to the roots of rock, along the way drawing vital lymph from Popol Vuh, AshRa Tempel, as well as Slayer, Sunn O))), Melvins and Coil.

Draugr will manifest itself on vinyl, CD Digipack and multiple digital formats from October 28th 2016, with all formats further featuring a remix of the title track by renowned British breakcore artist Leon Switch (Kryptic Minds). Pre-order information shall be released in the forthcoming weeks.



  1. Cold Facts
  2. Incineration Of Sorrows
  3. Hellfaced
  4. The Augur
  5. Appeasing The Apparition
  6. Serving The Alibi
  7. Cloud Of Liars
  8. Immutable
  9. Draugr
  10. Draugr (Leon Switch Remix)

Draugr line-up:

  1. Eraldo Bernocchi – guitars & electronics
  2. Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari – vocals, guitars & electronics
  3. Colin Edwin – bass
  4. Jacopo Pierazzuoli – drums

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